Neu!Boots DAY EIGHT – Bethany Pope

In The Bracken

This afternoon I saw a little boy
ambling down a thorny path. In his hands
he clutched a football and there was a small
silver tomahawk threaded through a loop
in his belt. He wasn’t thinking of Brexit,
or the value of the pound against the
dollar. In his mind, he was running with
a mad horde of Vikings, chasing monsters,
cracking bones. Tonight, joyful and sweetly
exhausted, he’ll curl up foetal inside
a Batman duvet and dream adventure
while his parents sit quietly alone
and weep or cheer over a future filled
with the smoke of burnt nations and slight hope



Bethany W Pope has published five collections of poetry, including her latest, The Rag and Boneyard (via Indigo Dreams). Her chapbook, Among The White Roots, will be released by Three Drops Press next autumn. Her first novel, Masque, was published by Seren this June.


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