Neu!Boots DAY SIX – Sally Evans

Thi Sorry Day

Some hae nae meat sae canna eat,
but we sit on oor brae
enjoyin meat an fruit an sweet,
an we kin only pray
fir cousins, brothers, wives an freens
in Ingland far away
queuein fir breid an medicines
wi shrinkin coin to pay.

We wish it wisnae comin nou
n they hidnae voted in
austerity an lawless rue
n gun rule threatenin,
wi desperate mobs n gangs o louts
aw jobless, weak an thin,
yellin it thir brethren
fir the colour o thir skin.

O come back sun n sanity,
preserve thon hope-filled day
when men and women’s vanity
could venture oot tae play,
when freens linked hands in happy bands
across thi narrow seas —
the warld wis lookin tae be one
till thi last human dees.

It isna easy findin hope
when hope is snatched away,
nor simple tae haud up yir heid
in a world sae glum n grey.
The privileged hae selt the lave
in aw thi sorry toun,
an bells toll nou fir thon sad day
snarlin ayont thi gloom.



Sally Evans’ recent books include Bewick Walks to Scotland (2006), The Bees (2008), The Honey Seller (2009), Poetic Adventures in Scotland (2014), The Grecian Urn (2015) and Anderson’s Piano (2016). She has edited 91 issues of Poetry Scotland broadsheet. She is Poetry Editor of Scots Language Centre website and edits the blogzine Keep Poems Alive.


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