Neu!Boots DAY FIVE – George Szirtes


Bullingdon Dave, Bullingdon Boris,
One quoting figures, one quoting Horace,
Both sticking tight to their Bullingdon guns
Pelting each other with Bullingdon buns.



Now strut about your bunker,
Your disenchanted grove.
Welcome to your paradise
Of Boris, Farage and Gove.

Now watch the rest of Europe
Falling apart again,
Landing in the smelly laps
Of Wilders and Le Pen.

Now inspect the damage,
Now survey the wreck,
Now pick up your shovel
And clear up your own dreck.

And now that Donald Trump
Is safely on his way,
Go clink a glass with him.
It’s Independence Day!



Congratulations, Britain,
You now have what you want,
Swapped one sly Eton Tory…
For a two-face Eton c–t.


George Szirtes’s most recent book of poems, Bad Machine (2013) was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize which he won in 2004 for Reel. George blogs at


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