Neu!Boots DAY THREE – Finola Scott

Rules of  Engagement

Shadows lengthen
under heavy trees
clouds of midgies graze.
We know its time
our mums will call soon
but want one last game.

First the team selection.
Two lads crunch the cinder path
tick- tack- tick
towards each other.
A breeze lifts the jumpers
folded on the field.

Most eyes are on the big lad
hair slick, cheeks shining
sure of his steps.
I watch the tubby blonde
chewing on grass like James Dean,
a wild card, his footwork unpredictable.

A worn man walks past, hood up



Finola Scott‘s poems and short stories have won & been placed in national competitions. They are widely published in anthologies and magazines including The Ofi Press, Raum, Dactyl and The Lake. Liz Lochhead is her mentor on this year’s Clydebuilt Scheme. Also a performance poet, she is proud to be a slam-winning granny.





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