Irritable Duncan Syndrome

(By way of an Easter gift, here is the group poem conjured by a bunch of new boots-wearing pantisocratists with a spring in their step in the wake of a certain recent resignation. It is, allegedly, an acronymic piece, though we can’t see it ourselves. Contributors were: Simon Barraclough, Andy Ching, Sophie Herxheimer, Joanne Limburg, Douglas Lipton, Beth McDonough, Stuart Paterson, Keith Parker, Peter Raynard, Jon Stone, Richard Watt, Arwen Webb, John Wheway, Christie Williamson, and the editors.)

Imbecilic Dull Shitbag
Irrigated Dung Slinger
Insipid Desiccated Solipsist

Invigilating Demon Spurt
Insincere Decency Scramble
Inedible Dog Sausage

Incredible Diarrhoea Squirt
Invertebrate Dough Shagger
Inspissate Disaffiliated Ssiptop

Incompetent Denial Suppository
I’m Definitely Satan
Insidious Drainage System

Invidious Dreck Sump
Idea Denying Snide
Itemised Dabbo Shit

Imaginary Disability Saviour
Incalculable Damage Synthetic
Incomparably Dickish Schmuck

Ingratiating Dripping Shite
Internal Devastation Soon
Imperfect Droid Syndrome

I’m David’s Saboteur
Iterative Dander Speck
It Don’t Start

Il Duce’s Sidekick
Incredibly Devious Swindler
I Don’t Support

Incrementally Dismantling Sense
Institutionalised Departmental Sophistry
Immense Dungheap Steams

Itinerant Disabled Slayer
Implausible Donkey Services
Impossibly Devious Slapheid

Intolerable Discharge Syndrome
I, Devil Spawn
Incorrigible Duty Shirker

Inveterate Donkey Shagger
Insufferable Dub Singer


3 thoughts on “Irritable Duncan Syndrome

  1. So what happened to the names of the other two contributors? Christie Williamson and Keith Parker? What`s so special about us that our names were left out? Are our insults not as good as everyone else? You join a worthy insult project and work your fingers to the bone thinking up an insult and what do you get? Insulted. Like everything else there is a hierarchy in the insult industry. Oh some snide remarks fit but others don`t, we`ll use your offensive comments but we won`t acknowledge you amongst the elite of insulters. Yeah, two classes of abuse makers like everything else in life. Let me tell you Elite abusers I have insulted just about everything that moves , from worms to royalty. My slaggings off are as good as anyone elses. Now I`m not proud I would like to be mentioned with every other one of you bastards. I`m happy to hang with you when MI5 come knocking on your door. I just want recognition , a fair days acknowledgment, for a fair days offence, that`s what I say. And don`t come shouting comments through my letterbox when you want to put the boot in to David Cameron or Theresa May.( I`ll do Jeremy Corbyn and Vladimir Putin for free ) And don`t go thinking you can use my insults to make some sort of `Name Calling` App to flog to Samsung or somebody. If you do I`l call you every bloody name i under the sun. So you odious snobby elitist gits why were the other two contributors not acknowledged??? Eh???

    Yours disgusted and insulted

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