DAY ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT – Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Ian Dury

Twenty-two weeks after the 2015 UK General Election, this is the final posting from the New Boots And Pantisocracies project. Thank you to all the contributing poets who gave their work so generously, and to all of you for following the project. By way of a valediction, we offer two final contributions; the first from the father of pantisocratic thought, and the second from our more contemporary source of inspiration.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge – excerpt from ‘Fears in Solitude’

O Britons! O my brethren! I have told
Most bitter truth, but without bitterness.
Nor deem my zeal or factious or mistimed;
For never can true courage dwell with them,
Who, playing tricks with conscience, dare not look
At their own vices. We have been too long
Dupes of a deep delusion! Some, belike,
Groaning with restless enmity, expect
All change from change of constituted power;
As if a Government had been a robe,
On which our vice and wretchedness were tagged
Like fancy-points and fringes, with the robe
Pulled off at pleasure. Fondly these attach
A radical causation to a few
Poor drudges of chastising Providence,
Who borrow all their hues and qualities
From our own folly and rank wickedness,
Which gave them birth and nursed them. Others, meanwhile,
Dote with a mad idolatry ; and all
Who will not fall before their images,
And yield them worship, they are enemies
Even of their country!



Ian Dury & the Blockheads – Plaistow Patricia

Click here to watch Ian Dury & the Blockheads perform ‘Plaistow Patricia’ live. (viewers who are easily offended may wish to turn the sound down until the music begins at 0.08)


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