Jeremy Corbyn Must Be Stopped’

for not subscribing to a white phosphorus
inferno, unlike those advised by God
and good old GW, those whose hearts remain
in place. Because he doesn’t buy Trident,
never liked apartheid or the claims that austerity
is the only way. Because he didn’t dig
the new breed, won’t swallow that
‘we gamble with your future
because the dice don’t lie’ story,
the rhetoric of greed that keeps dirty money clean,
the blame game, back and front room deals
that hack flesh from the NHS, divide the spoils
of public services between a drooling group
of the overfed. Because he hasn’t heard
politicians don’t wear beards on TV. Stop him
before he speaks, before economists
give him credibility. Stop him because
our joke is no longer funny, because
he brokered peace with ‘evil’ people
as opposed to those with whom
we deal. Stop him because he looks real. Stop him
in the name of all that must remain the same. Stop him
in the name of the profits. Empty the media sewer
on his face. Change the system to spare
the misguided and naive. Stop him
before it becomes obvious that he has beliefs,
before it is obvious that he’s stating the obvious.

Roy Marshall’s collection of poems The Sun Bathers (Shoestring Press, 2013) has recently been shortlisted for the Michael Murphy award. Roy currently works in adult education, and hopes to continue to do so, funding permitting.    


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