The Muse In The Market Place

In the Neo-liberal world
A dog with a collar crosses
The road at the zebra.

The vernacular was never its surrogate womb
This poem was not conceived with translation in mind
Will never let itself be adopted
Or exported to worldwide markets
Nor will the metaphors mellow down
To make it amenable to translation
Into an alien tongue.

This poem refuses to undergo painful procedures
Like the long intrusive questionnaire
Cleansing its tracts
Before it is granted a visa
To be read at international festivals.

To be frisked
Through its taut contours
Of line breaks and paragraphs
At airports and check points
With every image bent like a question mark
In ludicrous submission.


Chandramohan S (b. 1986 in India) is an Indian English Dalit poet based in Trivandrum, Kerala,India. His first collection of poems titled Warscape Verses (Authorspress, May 2014) was published in India and his second collection is forthcoming.


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