the summer of

that was the summer they didn’t write their books
Ink was cheap but they were looking for work
that was the summer the plays didn’t get booked
no one was in the mood to play
and the tickets
that summer no one went to the beach
except of course some people did
and no one went and sat in the lush green shade of the countryside
even though the countryside is free
(for now) because of the train fare
and the importance of
looking for work
that summer the diy shops went out of business
you either had money to get the builders in
or you were trying to hang
pick one: the wallpaper, on by your teeth, yourself
that summer no one opened the post
that summer no passport was post-haste eviction
all over Europe the borders went up and the boats went down
it was portcullis weather
it was beach whether
portcullis or passport
that summer we all went abseiling without leaving the comfort of
that summer it was extreme sports all right and it was extreme
the art of
that summer they were en plein air, their
easels, cooking pots and baby things
spread out under the blue moon.


Katy Evans-Bush’s most recent poetry collection is Egg Printing Explained (Salt, 2011). Forgive the Language: Essays on Poetry and Poets will be published in December by Penned in the Margins.


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