DAY NINETY – Niall O’Sullivan

On finding two toilets within a single cubicle at Canary Wharf

While most of the country is left without a pot to piss in, here I am with two.

Under a plated glass prick full of little prick homunculi, I too find abundance.

I am internally ip-dipping as to which one I shall anoint in the same way that I hovered between Labour and Green on polling day.

Does this arrangement help bankers to high five and cross streams after another day of “smashing it”?

Or is this designed for a tender moment between father and son, Look at me, I am old but I’m happy…

Perhaps this stands as the ultimate definition of trickle down economics?

Oh what art school anarchy it would be to piss on the tiles between if it wasn’t for the image of a stoical attendant with a curved spine and hourly quotas to hit.

I poise above the ballot, allow the illusion of free will to take hold and veer to the left.


Niall O’Sullivan has released two full collections and a pamphlet with Flipped Eye. He currently hosts Poetry Unplugged at Covent Garden’s Poetry Cafe and teaches at London Metropolitan University. You can read watch and listen to more of his poems at


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