Scotland’s Hidden Gems

In the hotel here there’s a painting
of Eilean Donan Castle,
as if that merciless piece of touristry
had been transported to the Rain Forest.
Huge spoons of leaves loll round the eyes
as you peer through lush and savage trees.
Though by an amateur it is a work of genius,
and how I long to see her other work:
the Scott Monument in the Marianas Trench,
furred by barnacles and only occasionally
illuminated by electric fish;
Balmoral on the surface of the sun;
the Duke of Sutherland’s statue
inverted down some giant toilet bowl.
I’m not the artist, but I’d call the series
Scotland’s Hidden Gems.



Hugh McMillan is from South West Scotland. His Selected Poems Not Actually Being in Dumfries are to be published by Luath Press in August 2015.


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