Albion Uncovered

(After Etel Adnan)

“O throat! O throbbing heart!
And I singing uselessly, uselessly all the night”
                                                                           Walt Whitman


A misleading poll a floundering ship a black cross in a white square
A blue tide a sick sea a navy flood a pouring of bile on a shredded sky
A shaking head a turning gut a sweating palm an intake of breath
A gasp a cry a moan a groan a whimper a sigh a disbelieving why
A bacon sandwich in the sun a faulty prediction cracks the mirror
A black cross of hope in a white square in a sealed envelope
A disabled star that’s fit for work a dying sun that can’t go on
A country drowned in a tide of blue a lie that cross-threads the past
A plan backfired a stitched up future strangled by quangoed horizons
A blue collar tide wading into a sick sea a kingdom held to ransom
A red dwarf singing the blues to a hoodwinked class with a blue guitar
A blue giant with a privileged snout snuffling in the public purse
A class war grown in a window box with a view of the financial heart
A sanctioned moon sleeping rough another shadow committing suicide
A public purse made from a pig’s ear bails out the liborless banks
A cover up a media black out a white wash a code of misconduct
A whistle blower with a duct taped mouth an offshore bank account
A sell off a sell out a surprise majority a scapegoat for the deficit
A big society a bedroom tax a handshake a well scratched back
A wave of job losses a child fed from a food bank a corporate scam
A benefit trap a hidden agenda a manipulated statistic a student debt
A second term of austerity measures a pay freeze a welfare cap
A service cut a siphoning of resources a slashed budget weeping blood
A mass protest a campaign a flash riot a heavy hand of provocation
A scare-mongerer a manufactured fear an empty promise a done deal
A wolf pack in its Bullingdon best a British value a redefinition of poverty
A scandal a cooked book a cabinet of inherited multi-millionaires
A retraction of legal aid a pay off a threadbare fable of the union
A moth eaten dust sheet concealing the framework of feudalism
A glass ceiling a well spun sound bite a true blue tide in a sick sea


Bob Beagrie is the author of several poetry collections including Sampo: Heading Further North (Red Squirrel Press) written with Andy Willoughby. He lives in Middlesbrough and is a lecturer at Teesside University.


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