DAY SEVENTY – Katrina Naomi

A Definition of Disappointment

I’m talking about this disappointment
I can’t say what yours tastes of
My      well this specific     disappointment
smells of     no it doesn’t     it doesn’t
taste of anything     I might be fancy
and talk of bile      but that’s all rot
and silliness     No     disappointment
looks like     nothing I know
perhaps something on the horizon
maybe     certainly     out of reach
Then it all comes very close
almost touchable     then it falls
off the edge     and you stroke it
Disappointment is usually orange
sometimes it fades to yellow     or rears up
into another colour     I can’t describe it
to you     This is private
I’m not telling you any more


Katrina’s second full collection, The Way the Crocodile Taught Me, will be published by Seren in April 2016. Her most recent publication is Hooligans, (Rack Press, 2015), a pamphlet inspired by the Suffragettes. Katrina was recently awarded a PhD in creative writing from Goldsmiths. Her website is


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