DAY SIXTY-NINE – Wayne Holloway-Smith

The Spirit of ‘Never Had It So Good’

And since it returned like anxiety returns like fear of bus rides
or babies crying or the wide sleep of dead dads returns
and since it happened to us from the outside–in like mustard
enters and takes hold of us we told ourselves it’s not real
looked around each other for proof and yet there it was everywhere

the ham-faced hatred of the thing its truth
pap’d and lauded like so many celebrities replicating
itself like anxiety daily like babies crying it continued like the sleep
of dead fathers like a pop song’s chorus it caught on the tongue
until the man down the road until in pubs the women
were humming and learning its words

and since a man on the telly so slick spoke so often about it
too soon for another five years we decided
to live again
beneath its big thick grin  


Wayne Holloway-Smith lives in London. His work has appeared in Poetry London, Best British Poetry 2013, Oxford Poetry and elsewhere. His debut pocketbook was published by Donut Press in 2011.


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