DAY SIXTY-EIGHT – Claire Trévien

Know your asterisk

The asterisk is proficient in the art of winking.
When an asterisk grows close, you will notice its spikes.
The asterisk should be kept out of the rain.
Once an asterisk, always an asterisk.

There is a room in your house free of asterisk, but it’s not yours to claim.
Behind your back are prime locations for asterisk.
Undertake a flashback with caution if you are allergic to asterisk.
Like a bouquet of tongues, asterisk are notoriously difficult to clean.

Some asterisk are held together by their own importance.
Most asterisk are too wedged to fall apart.
Is a chewed asterisk still an asterisk?
An asterisk can be a villain or a victim depending on the time of day.

Eating, like breathing, is something the asterisk doesn’t know how to do right.



Claire Trévien is the author of Low-Tide Lottery (Salt, 2011) and The Shipwrecked House (Penned in the Margins, 2013). Her next collection Astéronymes, will be published by Penned in the Margins next year. She founded Sabotage Reviews and its annual Saboteur Awards.


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