DAY FIFTY-EIGHT – Tania Hershman


You think there’s a gap between us
You think we are separate   distinct
You think Newton had it right         that we collide
              and come apart        collide
              and come apart        But
this is Einstein’s world    A hundred
years ago      he showed how
we all are bound      I nudge space
              and you
              are shifted
You think if you’re high enough
              you’re safe               You think
when I fall    your orbit
              is unaltered              You think
this poem
              is just physics


Tania Hershman is co-editor, together with Pippa Goldschmidt, of an anthology of new writing inspired by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, to be published by Freight Books in September. The author of two story collections, her debut poetry chapbook, Nothing Here is Wild, Everything is Open, will be published in 2016. Tania’s website is


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