DAY FIFTY-FIVE – Claudia Daventry


The point of pantisocracy
was all about democracy
equality, fraternity
and zero aristocracy.

In Glesga/Belfast/Leeds/Penzance
we didn’t bank on folks in Hants
being anti-pantisocraphants.
Forget the sock. The outcome’s pants.



PS: Aspheterism

When one is drinking herbal tea
and feeling thus bereft
one must remember, selflessly
that proper tea is theft.


Claudia Daventry is of Scottish/Irish/European stock, has lived in Fife since 2007 and qualifies as a fully-voting Scot, even though she has an English accent, lives in St Andrews and moved there from Amsterdam. Her poetry is published in Scotland and beyond and among other awards her work has won the Bridport and Ruskin prizes.


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