DAY FIFTY-TWO – Stevie Ronnie


The birds are not silent this morning,
the children scratch in their beds,
the books have cause to stand on the shelves,
the knife is not cutting the bread,

the cases have landed in the hallway
and the papers are barely read.
Blue train – I will accept your ticket
for the absence of shape in my head.

As the black dog stoops on the verge
I don’t want to be a spark (or a child).
The compass sticks under metal sky,
a politician places a smile

and I’m standing stet still in a sharp field.
I didn’t wait for it to be revealed.


Stevie Ronnie is a freelance writer and artist. Manifestations, his first full-length collection of poetry, was published by Red Squirrel Press in 2014. Stevie is currently working on Arctica, a series of interlinked literary and visual artworks inspired by a recent artist residency in the High Arctic.



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