Cleaning up

benches with no backs
and pigeon spikes for people

we’ll have no roosting here
no rough sleep roosting here

no rough rest roost no
we’ll have none of it

no beggars here
no empty tin can hand out

believe me we’re well rid
of in the red

and when we rewrite riding hood
the wolf will win

no cosy welfare for a granny
idling in a bed

old and idling is no way to be
we’re for the wolf’s initiative

his bootstrap drive
and problem solving nous

and as for axes
let the woodsman fell the trees

we love a burning  a burning
a burning



Jan Dean is mainly known as a children’s poet.   She works as poet-in-schools and also runs workshops for children and adults in libraries and at festivals.  The Penguin in Lost Property (Macmillan) is her latest children’s book, co-authored with Roger Stevens.   Jan is from the North West but is now living in the South West, and can be found at

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