DAY FORTY-SEVEN – Simon Barraclough

We were desperate for something authentically fake to believe in.
The Baptist blew in from the desert: sometimes in shirtsleeves,
sometimes in hard hat, sometimes in hygienic hairnet,
aspirating ‘bout “ha-ha-haspiration”, tumbleweed mumbling
of one-nation-building, “ha-ha-having a go, taking a risk, ha-ha-having
a punt”. Why do you pump me up (pump me up) buttercup, baby,
just to let me down? Salome breezed into town with a brace
of hand-me-down veils snatched from the polling station jumble sale,
auditioned her sword dance for Britain’s Got Talons,
struck a deal with The Baptist and left him intact with
his shirtsleeves, his hairnet and hygienic hard hat.


—I tip my hard chapeau to ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ by The Foundations


Simon’s latest publications are Sunspots (Penned in the Margins) and, as contributing editor, Laboratorio (Sidekick Books). His live show Sunspots tours in the autumn. His website is


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