DAY FORTY-ONE – Paul McGrane

The Government

It wasn’t me and it can’t have been you
but I’m afraid to have to tell you that
somebody voted for the government.

The government don’t know where they came from,
thousands of votes seemingly out of the blue,
but not from me and surely not from you.

We should have seen it coming, I suppose,
but what a dreadful day for politics
when somebody votes for the government.

Like the old joke, no matter how you vote
you always end up with the government
but I wouldn’t vote for this lot. Would you?

We were so enthusiastic before.
We had our dreams, big plans for the future,
till someone voted for the government.

There can only be one explanation
but it doesn’t give me pleasure to say
that if it wasn’t me, it must be you
who bloody voted for the government.



Paul McGrane is Membership Manager at The Poetry Society, co-founder of Forest Poets, and co-editor at Nutshell magazine. Recent poems in The Morning Star, South Bank Poetry, and Interpreters House.


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