DAY THIRTY-EIGHT – Matthew Duggan

We The Ruled

We the ruled – torso of downward blood
pulse slowing our stretch in time

thin skin that grows like epicormic buds
lapping in raw licks of sea,

plebeian to a gentleman’s chimes.
We the ruled – an overfed vertex

for a pendulum that takes chunks
from our auditory cortex

Eon of wilted dummy hair
an overflowing kerf laid at severed trunks.

We the ruled – the impregnated spider
a fossil without tongues

the flaccid and unknowing outsider
a shell with no oxygen
who can only pamper and devour our young.



Matthew Duggan’s poems have appeared in Sarasvati, The Journal, Illumen, The Seventh Quarry, Roundyhouse, Yellow Chair Review, The Cobalt Review, and many more. He hosts a spoken word evening in Bristol at Hydra Bookshop, and is also the co-editor with Simon Leake for a new political poetry magazine ‘The Angry Manifesto’. He has been shortlisted for the 2015 erbacce poetry prize, with the winner being annouced in July.



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