DAY THIRTY-SEVEN – Peter Raynard

[We Need to Talk About] What Ian Said

Glad it’s all over, but this is worse
Look at them laughing,
laughing, laughing,
superior as they are.
A mouth what never closes,
they make me Tom and Dick.

Died before we’d done much talking.
Shall I mourn your decline
with some Thunderbird wine
and a black handkerchief? No?

Rise on this occasion now,
and then get sloshed and go
berserk, aerosol the bricks,
go on stick it where it hurts.
You can break the peace.


(the words for this poem are taken verbatim from songs on Ian Dury’s New Boots and Panties album)


Peter Raynard edits Proletarian Poetry: poetry of working class lives ( 
His poems have appeared in a number of print and online magazines.

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