DAY EIGHTEEN – Judi Sutherland

Auntie Takes a Holiday

We are the film crews now, and the space
between a protest and a riot is the distance
from a smartphone to a hi-vis jacket. We are
a mild-mannered people until push comes
to shove, which it does these days; One Nation
under a Gove. We are the reporters now
and our words are molten. We tell them
like beads, in these samizdat days
after the general election, now we have nothing
in our pockets but blundered lies. We are not
your hardworking family, and the problem
with kettles is that things boil over. You won’t
get away with it you won’t get away with it
you won’t get away with
this. We are the broadcasters now, and our media
are social. Someone come and help us please,
you can see what’s happening. That punch
is a Vine now, watch it landing and landing
and landing. We need you to see this;
we have taken over the means of production.



Judi Sutherland is a biotechnologist and poet based in Barnard Castle, Durham. She is also the editor of and blogs at

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