Trick or Treaters are not all kids as
campers are not all happy and I wish
the banks would just start lending or
improve their customer service you know
I have to use a plastic keypad just to
check my balance which is invaluable
in the fight against fraud so when
you bowled towards me outside Bank
in the costume of the dead that is to say
masked and painted I had to ask the value
of that feint of pure hostility you are
clearly having fun which is a good thing
don’t let me stop you

on my island none of this would be true



Tom Chivers was born in 1983 in south London. His books include How to Build a City (Salt, 2009), The Terrors (Nine Arches, 2009), Flood Drain (Annexe, 2012) and, as editor, Adventures in Form (Penned in the Margins, 2012). He has been shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan and Michael Marks poetry prizes, and was a recipient of an Eric Gregory Award in 2011. He has made audio, site-specific and perambulatory work for LIFT Festival, Southbank Centre, Cape Farewell and the Eden Project. His poem ‘The Event’ was made into an animated film by Julia Pott for Channel 4’s Random Acts. His new collection is Dark Islands (Test Centre, 2015).

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