DAY SIXTEEN – Kate Simpson

Events, dear boy

Having a pint on the night of an election leads
to us looking for the alternative in a field
of predictions, you flip your palm and it ends
in us watching micro pigs running round a track
in different coloured T-shirts

blue in the lead, the others have turned
backwards in a group headed for the start
line, they have lost the point or decided
there isn’t only one way to go around
a white fenced pen

leads to us looking at headlines with pictures
of people eating bacon sandwiches the wrong way
their face slanted as if their mouth
didn’t really want to take it in
in the first place

leads to me trying not to look at you —
instead holding a palm in mine, meat
against meat and asking what you decided
on then and you said you didn’t really
in the end.



Kate Simpson is a poet from North Yorkshire. She completed her BA in English with Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham and is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University.


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