DAY ELEVEN – George Szirtes

2015 Quatrains



Of the dynasty of Miliband
it is written that one brother
cannot be both but that it is desirable
that one should be the other.



I write from corrupt England where even the sheep
are Tory through and through
and the grass grows a peculiarly luminous
shade of Kentucky Blue.


A modest proposal

I wouldn’t wish to disparage
but it would not be a happy marriage.


Le Farage français

Ce n’est pas un mirage!
C’est Farage!
Mais quelle beau paysage
sans Farage!
Qu’est-que c’est
ce badinage?
Qu’est que c’est
cet homme Farage?



Oh the polls
are full of holes



We were hoping for götterdämmerung,
but what did we get?
– David Cammerung!!


Ave atque vale

Farewell Nick Clegg
nice chap, good egg.
Now he’s in a better place
but the egg is on his face.



George Szirtes’s most recent book of poems, Bad Machine (2013) was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize which he won in 2004 for Reel. George blogs at


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