DAY NINE – Alec Finlay


from a better tale to tell
a found poem derived from public submissions to the Smith Commission

good morning Lord Smith


if we are more involved
more able to be involved
then we will become

more forgiving

more proactive

more grown-up


we must have our own powers
there are no advantages
for us here

values are to do with
the moral life

experienced in companionship
with other people

they are not derived
from a nationalist or unionist

the Union flag to be flown
on all public buildings
where the Satire is flown

go back to Scotland the Brave
at sporting matches

p.s. OK the last one won’t happen
but Flower of Scotland is dire

raises the problem
of what to do
in England

there seems little appetite
to recreate


as states of the union

a new English parliament
is a necessity
of any settlement

whether the English
want it or not

Scotland is
one of the most
beautiful countries
on earth

I am constantly in awe
of our landscape of fields
merging into the river Forth

the threat

and I truly believe it is a threat

of fracking looms

please note

my complete objection
to fracking

I urge you to say
NO to fracking in Scotland

Scottish rocks
are naturally fracked
due to how ancient they are

they have moved around a lot
and are cracked and fractured

Scottish water
should not be used to supply
even English fracking

please please please
do not allow this

change is risk
we could get it wrong

we have nothing
to fear

I have no easy answers

that would be to put my-
self on a pedestal

but it is not just
my voice

please do not return
to your remote ways

thanks for listening
I hope to hear back from you

yours with still a bit of
hope left in my heart




Alec Finlay, poet, artist, and publisher, lives in Edinburgh, votes yellow and green, and publishes artist blogs at

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